Evony Guide: Undead Invasion Event

Complete guide to Evony's Undead Invasion Event in The King's Return

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Introduction to the Undead Invasion Event in Evony TKR

The Undead Invasion event in Evony The King's Return is a weekly alliance event for which waves of undead zombies attack your keep and alliance. Everyone in the alliance participates at the same time and can help each other by reinforcing each other's cities.

There are both rewards for alliance milestones and individual score milestones. Potential rewards include gems, resources, speed ups, alliances points/honor and dragon crystals. Placing high in the individual undead rankings can reward up to 24,000 gems.

The Undead event is a great alliance building event since reinforcing and helping to heal other players increases the individual scores as well as alliance scores. In addition, coordinating strategic timing and placement of the Undead Invasion will greatly boost scores, help everyone get through the undead waves and get better rewards.

Basics of the Undead Event in Evony TKR

Undead enemies are different from PvP enemies in that even if you lose a wave, or two, you will not lose all your troops. You will only end up with a relatively small percentage in the hospital.

Starting the Undead Event in Evony TKR

Some helpful tips and rules on how to start the Undead event in Evony:

  • The Undead event is available to start during the weekend, usually at 8:00 server time. You can see the exact time in the Event Center.
  • The window to start lasts 2 days, at which point if the event isn't started, it will be skipped for that week for the alliance.
  • Only R4's and R5 can start the Undead Invasion event from the Event Center at any time during the open window.
  • The R4 or R5 who starts the event "chooses" where the Undead waves start from - this is the closest Snow Mountain Peak from the person who started the event
  • Once the Undead event is started, it cannot be stopped or paused and will run it's course until everyone in the alliance has either lost or lasted all 20 waves
evony guide to undead invasion event - Snow Mountain Peak Evony Guide To Undead Invasion Event - Snow Mountain Peak - location where waves start

The player who starts the Undead event can "choose" where the undead waves start by teleporting next to the Snow Mountain Peak on the map.

This enables a couple of interesting strategies we will discuss in the Undead strategies section.

Official Undead Rules from Evony TKR's Game

The official help from Evony for the Undead event is listed below:

  1. Undead marches will attack your alliance when the event opens. The more undead you kill, the more scores you will earn. The Undead's power increases with your keep Level and the Marches quantity. Each city can only defend up to 20 marches.
  2. Kill 50% or more of the Undead to win the defense. Lose the defense twice, and the undead will stop attacking you. But you can still reinforce your alliance to earn scores.
  3. The event will be over when all the alliance members lose the defense twice.
  4. The Undead do not plunder your resources and only kill a few of your troops.
  5. Truce agreement does not work on the undead.
  6. The subordinate cities do not defend the undead.
  7. If you teleport while the Undead are marching towards your City, the undead will disappear.
  8. You will not receive any rewards if you quit the Alliance or join a new alliance that has already started the undead event.

Successfully Defending your Keep during the Undead Event in Evony TKR

Similar to PvP, when Undead enemies attack your castle, you will want the best defense general, as well as most of your troops in the keep to help defend against attacks.

Some general defensive tips for Undead waves include:

  • Have your best defense general on the wall, with gear
  • Recall your troops from gathering or relics
  • Heal as many troops as you can before the event starts
  • Apply attack, defense and HP buffs
  • Wear the right monarch gear for your best defense, or the ares set to boost all attributes
  • Put on the healing (Medicine Crown) to reduce heal times in the hospital
    • Or, put on the research (Intellect Crown) to research short timed research - taking advantage of your alliance pressing "help" during the event.
  • Ask for reinforcement or help when you are about to lose a wave - usually when you can't kill at least 80% of that Undead wave by looking at the reports.

There are a total of 20 Undead waves during the event, each increasing in difficulty.

Most waves comprise of equal numbers of Ground, Ranged, Mounted and Siege troops, in increasing amounts per wave. There are no layers in each wave, and the level of the troops stay the same throughout the event.

The level of the troops is determined by the level of the keep that it's marching on.

Given that there are no layers in Undead marches, and you will face each type of troop evenly, you should have a balanced troop composition to defend each wave effectively. This means you will ideally have troops of each type, for each level, otherwise known as layering.

At higher keep levels, you might notice that every fifth wave is exclusively ground type. This would be the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th waves.

Keep an eye out for these specific waves to make sure you can handle the extra ground troops, best countered with mounted troops in the keep.

evony guide to undead invasion event - Ground only Undead Wave Evony Guide To Undead Invasion Event - Ground only Undead Wave

It helps to heal after each wave to replenish your fighting troops. Asking for help during Undead as well as using alliance help reduces the healing time for everyone in the alliance.

Strategically Maximizing Points during Undead Event in Evony TKR

Points calculated per individual is based only on two factors during the Undead event:

  1. How many waves you successfully defeated from your keep
  2. How many enemies you killed while reinforcing your alliance

Since the number of waves is fixed, the number of points you get for the first portion is 20 waves multiplied by the points at your keep level.

For example, a keep level 30 defeating all 20 waves would net you a total of 3,900,000 points. Pretty simple.

However, there is much more strategy in maximizing the number of enemies you kill when reinforcing your alliance, which makes a big difference in individual Monarch rankings.

There are two factors which contribute to this:

  1. How many keeps you can reinforce during the event, or strategically choosing where to start Undead
  2. How many troops you can kill per keep reinforced, or strategically choosing which keeps to reinforce

Starting Undead Marches 500m from Hive

Many alliances take advantage of the freedom of starting the Undead waves far from alliance hive. Specfically, they choose to start at a snow mountain peak that's 500m to 600m from alliance hive to maximize points for reinforcing.

In fact, you can reinforce up to 9 keeps at level 34 or below by choosing a strategic starting location. If you have a 6th march at level 35+, you can reinforce up to 11 keeps during the Undead event!

As we know from before, the more keeps you can reinforce during the event, the more points.

Steps to Reinforce "Two Undead Waves"

  1. Teleport to a snow mountain peak roughly 500-600m away from the alliance hive with a group of stronger players (6+) - it takes roughly an hour for the undead waves to travel 500m across the map.
  2. Reinforce the group of players who teleported next to you with all free marches.
  3. Start the Undead invasion with an R4/R5 that's close to the chosen snow mountain peak.
  4. Wait until the end of 20 waves for your keep, pull reinforcement.
  5. Teleport back to alliance hive, and quickly reinforce alliance members in the hive with all free marches.

Using the steps above, you should be able to reinforce twice as many keeps compared to a normal one hour Undead event.

Choosing Alliance Keeps to Reinforce during Undead

There's some mystery behind how points are calculated for reinforcing alliance keeps during Undead waves. However, the key thing to note is that the more enemies you kill, the more points you get.

The player you are reinforcing does not lose points, so it's more beneficial for you and your alliance to maximize the troops killed during each Undead wave.

A few tips to maximizing troops killed per reinforced keep during Undead invasion:

  • Be the only person reinforcing a keep - otherwise, you and your alliance are fighting for points between each other.
  • Pick slightly lower level keeps to reinforce - so your troops can dominate and kill more Undead troops.
  • Send highest level troops out - for example, level 12 troops to reinforce a keep that has level 11 troops, level 14 troops to reinforce a keep that has level 13 troops. This is to ensure your higher power troops get to the Undead fighters first.
  • Send siege or archers - especially if you have level 13 or 14 siege, ideally with a siege range boosting general. Siege has long range and can easily target lower level Undead troops first.

Following the tips above, you can easily get 10,000 to 12,000 points per wave, per keep you reinforce.

If you are not getting those scores, check the battle reports and make sure your defending troops are killing the most Undead they can. If not, try changing your reinforcing troop type.

evony guide to undead invasion event - Reinforce to maximize your kills Evony Guide To Undead Invasion Event - Reinforce to maximize your kills and your score

The battle report above shows just how many undead enemies even 50,000 level 14 siege can kill while reinforcing your alliance.

Points Per Undead March by Keep Level

Here is the complete table for how many points you get for successfully defending your keep at a given keep level during Undead Invasion.

Keep Level Points Per March
Lv7 26,000

Rewards for Undead Event in Evony TKR

There are three different types of rewards you can get for the Undead Invasion Event in Evony TKR:

  1. Alliance Scores Rewards
  2. Alliance Ranking Rewards
  3. Monarch Ranking Rewards

In addition, you have the chance of getting the Undead General Chest and the purple Undead General.

Between the three types of awards, the Monarch Ranking Rewards are the best, especially if you can place in the top 10.

The top monarch scores for the Undead event can net you 24,000 gems, 10,000 alliance points and hour, and about 120 hours of specialized speed ups and 10 dragon crystals.

The Alliance Ranking rewards can get you 1,440 gems for ranking first, along with some resources, monarch experience and alliance honor and points.

The Alliance Scores Rewards has two criteria, one for points for your monarch, and the other for the total points of the alliance. It can also net you a couple hundred gems and some resources.

Conclusion: Undead Event in Evony The King's Return

The weekly Undead event in Evony is a great alliance building event where each player is encouraged to participate, help reinforce each other's keeps and get great rewards from their shared participation.

Strategy for choosing the right starting location as well as which keeps to reinforce really boosts alliance and individual monarch scores, which can reward thousands of gems.