Evony Guide To Gathering Resources

How to passively gather millions of resources per hour in Evony TKR to level up and grow faster.

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Introduction to Gathering in Evony

Resources are the essential income you will need to upgrade buildings, train troops, heal troops and anything growth related. You can maximize production in your city, or spend coin on resource packs on resources. However, you cannot neglect the quantity of resources you can gather on from optimized keeps.

You can gather millions of resources per hour, and upwards of three to four hundred million of resources per day in Evony TKR. There are two factors that influence how effectively you can gather in an hour: your speed of gathering and your amount of resources per haul.

You want to maximize both your gathering speed, as well as extra resources per tile in Evony TKR.

Faster Evony Gathering Speed

1. Research Technology for Gathering Speed

Research is the arguably the most important aspect of the game, and for gathering this is also true. Invest in research that increases your gathering speed for your most important resource, this could be ore for rally starters, or wood and stone for late game defense. There are multiple research slots for increasing each resource, so be sure to max out both techs over time.

2. High Resource Tile Level

The resource tile level also determines how fast you gather. Since the maximum level is 14, you should always aim to gather at level 14 tiles, if possible. There are even better rewards for gathering on a higher level tile.

3. Wear the Right Monarch Gear (Crystal)

Your monarch can wear different sets of gear which grant additional bonuses. Wear the monarch crystal for the resource you are about to gather. Like all monarch gear, the bonus applies and stays when the action is taken, so feel free to change the gear after your troops have started gathering.

4. Generals - High Politics Attribute

The higher politics stat for your general, the faster the gathering will be on that resource tile. If you have a specialized gatherer in mind (specifically those that grant additional resources from tiles), level them up and cultivate politics.

5. Generals - The Faster-Gathering Skills

Your specialized gathering general can also be equipped with skills to gather faster for any given resource. For example, an ore gathering speed up can stack on top of other bonuses.

6. Generals - The Faster-Gathering Gear

Your gathering general can also be equipped with gear that gives bonuses to each resource. To create an ideal set, you need pieces of the Kings gear. There are three pieces of kings gear that gives bonuses to each resource, so you can deck out your generals accordingly.

7. Temporary Gathering Speed Buff

There is a temporary gathering buff available for your keep, which can increase gathering speed 50% for 8hrs or 24hrs.

8. Alliance Hive Gathering Buff

While in you are in alliance hive, you will also get a small increase to gathering speed.

Evony Gathering Load

Load can be thought of in two ways. One is how much capacity each troop can carry. The other is how much additional load can be brought back within a march. We will call the first troop load capacity, and the second troop load bonus.

1. Gathering Troop Load Capacity

Higher troop load capacity means a march an carry more per troop per trip. Siege offers the most capacity for a given level of troop, and higher level troops offer more troop load. Some generals, like Attila, also give bonuses to troop load capacity.

Troop load capacity is often not an issue in mid or late game because you will have trained enough troops to carry 5 full marches of resources.

2. Gathering Troop Load Bonus

Troop load bonus is the additional bonus resources you collect on top of what a basic tile offers. For example, a basic level 14 tile offers 7 million during a resource bonus event. However, you can bring back upwards of 18 million per tile. This extra load of resource (18 - 7 = 11 million) is the troop load bonus.

This is the more useful aspect of "load" because there are a few factors that can dramatically increase how much resources you collect from a tile.

evony guide to gathering - extra tile load from a gathering report Evony Guide to Gathering - Extra tile resources gathering report

2.1 Additional Resources with the Right General

Queen Jindeok's harvest song adds 40% of resources off base resource tile, which is by far the best primary skill for a gathering general.

evony guide to gathering - Queen Jindeok's harvest song wins Evony Guide to Gathering - Queen Jindeok's harvest song wins
But if you can't find or afford her, Belisarius and other generals also grant a smaller bonus for gathering. If they are already some what leveled up, they can be a good short term fill in for extra resources. However, it's not recommended you spend too much gold or experience on any purple generals because there always is a gold general that does everything better.

2.2 Additional Resources with the Right Subordinate Cities

Korea is arguably one of the best sub-cities in Evony because it grants a bonus to how many resources are available on tiles. Gold Korean sub cities will give a 15% extra bonus, which stacks with other Korean sub cities.

evony guide to gathering - korean gold sub city resource bonus Evony Guide to Gathering - Korean gold sub-city resource bonus

2.3 Additional Resources with Monarch Talent - Gathering Boost

Available at monarch level 26, this talent will also grant you extra resources from tiles you gather from.

Evony Gathering Summary and Advice

Given the factors that influence how fast and how much you gather above, you should optimize for all of them in the long term. However, getting to a truly effective gatherer, like most things in Evony TKR, take a very long time and gold or resources or gems.

Make sure you have the freebies down first, for example, gather from your alliance hive, wear the right monarch crystal gear, research gathering speed technology and go to high level tiles. Send all five marches out when you're sleeping.

The next step is often evaluating which generals is your best gatherers, and because of how strongly politics influence gathering speed, your best gatherers in the early and mid-game are often your highest level generals who are als your fighters.

After that, visit the tavern and see if you can snatch up a Queen Jindeok or two, or three, or four. Level her up and cultivate her over time, use your spare resources to craft some gear for her and in no time, you will be a resource gathering millionaire.