Evony Guide: How To Use Alliance Help

How alliance help works in Evony TKR and tricks and tips to take advantage of this feature effectively

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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How to use "Alliance Help" in Evony The King's Return

As part of an alliance in Evony TKR, you have the benefit of asking your alliance mates to help on variety of tasks.

Asking and providing help is of no cost to either you or anyone in your alliance. Helping your alliance with their projects speeds up the task and the time reduced is stacked from each alliance member that helps.

While alliance help is a simple feature in Evony, there are a few tricks and tips to using it effectively. This guide deep dives into the alliance help feature of Evony The King's Return.

evony guide to using alliance help - details of each help Evony Guide to Alliance Help - details of how your alliance has helped each other on each task

The Basics of How Alliance Help Works in Evony

Alliance help is unlocked as a feature of Evony as soon the player joins an alliance. For some tasks that have a timer, a hand is shown above the building which you can click on to ask your alliance to help.

Likewise, you can also help your alliance who have requested help in two ways:

  1. Choosing individual tasks to help with in the Alliance Help menu
  2. Helping everyone at once by clicking the hand on top of your embassy
evony guide to using alliance help - alliance help menu and embassy hand Evony Guide to Alliance Help - engage in the hand above embassy or the alliance menu

The Alliance Help menu will allow you to pick and choose which tasks you can help with. On the other hand, clicking the icon above the embassy will help everyone that have asked for help.

There is no limit to how many different tasks you can help with but you can only help with each task from each person once.

Similarly, you can only ask for help per task once in an alliance. As soon as someone helps, a small amount of time is instantly reduced from that task.

There are four kinds of tasks your alliance can help you speed up:

  • Construction of Buildings
  • Healing of Troops
  • Research of Tech
  • Crafting of General Gear
evony guide to using alliance help - asking for help from the hand for research Evony Guide to Alliance Help - clicking on the hand above the academy to help speed up research

Alliance help can save hours per task in Evony, and most players immediately ask for help on everything they can, whenever they can.

The Mechanics of Alliance Help in Evony

In the beginning of the game, your alliance can help you speed up your projects for 10 to 15 minutes. However, in the mid to late game, your alliance can help you speed up tasks for several hours.

To understand how and why, let's deep dive into the mechanics of Alliance Help.

The effectiveness of alliance help in Evony TKR is based on three factors:

  1. How many total times your alliance can help you on a single task
  2. How much time is reduced per person that helps you
  3. How fast your alliance can engage in help in a given time period

1. Increasing the Number of Times Your Alliance can Help in Evony

When you are first starting out on Evony TKR, your alliance can only help you a few times on any given task. However, with research and higher embassy levels, you can receive help more than 50 times per task.

Given that active larger alliances often have 60-90 players, this means you can receive help from the majority of your alliance per task.

There are certain tasks in Evony TKR that are virtually "free" given enough alliance help. One could be healing a small batch of troops (2-5hrs). Another could be researching an relatively in-expensive piece of tech (2-5hrs).

To increase the number of times your alliance can help, the best way is to research Alliance Help Amount and keep your embassy level close to the level of your keep.

evony guide to using alliance help - the alliance help amount tech Evony Guide to Alliance Help - Research alliance help amount in the academy

The higher the embassy level, the more times you can receive help. In addition, an upgraded embassy has many other benefits for interactions for your alliance.

evony guide to using alliance help - higher embassy levels allows more alliance help interactions Evony Guide to Alliance Help - Higher embassy level allows more alliance help interactions

2. Increasing the Amount of Time Reduced for Alliance Help in Evony

Research and higher embassy level also help with increasing the amount of time reduced on a task per alliance help.

You can get more than 8 minutes reduced per help received given you max out Alliance Help Time and have a high embassy level (over 33).

The alliance science, Alliance Help Boost, also increases the amount of time reduced when your alliance helps you.

evony guide to using alliance help - research alliance help time Evony Guide to Alliance Help - Research alliance help time to get more time reduced

This metric in combination with the number of times your alliance helps makes a large difference.

For example, if your research for Alliance Help Amount and Alliance Help Time is fully developed with a level 32 embassy, you will receive 5 full hours of time reduced if everyone helps you.

On the other hand, 5 hours might not seem like much savings, especially if you log into Evony intermittently during the day. This is where the third dimension, the frequency of alliance help, can shine.

Increasing the Frequency Your Alliance Helps You in Evony

Let's say you have 20 or 30 alliance members online and they are all in agreement to press alliance help every few minutes.

This means, that you will have a couple hours reduced in any given task in a matter of minutes! This will be true for all players online, so in total, your alliance would save days in construction, healing, crafting or research together just spamming the help button.

There are many short timed tasks in Evony which can really take advantage of this particular "feature".

Let's say your alliance is actively running vikings and that the rally starters are asking to help heal wounded as often as they can. You have several short-timed research (1-2 hours) that you have been putting off.

This duration of people hitting alliance help as frequently as they can would be an excellent time to research those short-timed research, one after another. Those shorter-timed research would be finished in a couple of minutes without you doing anything.

Applications of Alliance Help in Specific Evony Scenarios

There are a few scenarios that specifically benefit from the alliance help feature in Evony:

Partition Wounded Troop Healing into Multiple Batches

Waiting for or speeding up troops to heal in Evony can often be an annoyance, especially if you are short on healing speed ups.

One trick is to divide up your troops to heal in batches. Let's say your total healing is 1 day. You divide that into 4 batches of roughly 6 hours each. Then you ask your alliance for help, as often as they can.

In this scenario, you will reduce each batch of healing by 2-5 hours. This means you are using maybe 4-10 hours of healing speeds rather than 24 hours!

Effectively Utilizing Alliance Help in the Undead Event

Undead is a weekly Evony TKR event that encourages the entire alliance to be online, active, and helping everyone else. In this scenario, waves of undead enemies invade your city, lasting usually one to two hours.

Each wave of enemy undead will test your city's defense and likely cause your city to have a small amount of wounded. Most alliances during the Undead Event will make sure everyone is hitting help, as often as they possibly can from their embassy.

Frequent alliance helps will completely clear a small amount of wounded troops in your hospital within seconds. What's even better is using this event to complete shorter-timed research, small construction or crafting gear.

Very often, research that takes a couple of hours will be complete in a couple minutes. Chain-researching smaller tech during undead can often clear dozens of tech for free within an hour or two.

Take Advantage of Alliance Visits

When you visit another alliance, your alliance help amounts reset. This is not a frequent scenario, but sometimes it happens. Use this opportunity to ask for help from people from two different alliances.

You can effectively double the number of times you can ask for help, which can result in more than 10 hours of speed up savings per task.

Learn What Your Alliance Has Been up to

Looking at the list of projects your alliance has asked for help with is a great way to learn what your alliance has been working on.

Whether it's someone asking for help with a keep upgrade, getting their fifth march slot or crafting dragon gear, it's nice to keep up and congratulate them on their progress.

The detailed alliance help menu is one of the most informative places to learn what your alliance has been working on.