Evony Guide: Arctic Barbarian Invasion

Guide to Evony TKR's new Arctic Barbarian Invasion event, with rules, strategy, and tactics to maximize your points and minimize your wounded

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Introduction to the Arctic Barbarians Invasion Event in Evony TKR

The Arctic Barbarians Invasion event is a limited time event in Evony that places NPC barbarian castles on the map for players and alliance to attack. The battle mechanics are similar to PVP, but the barbarians can only defend, will "heal" after an unsuccessful attack and they will disappear after a period of time after defeat.

Participating in the event can award a new castle decoration (Frost Blood), in addition to many other rewards for both the player and the alliance. The quality and amount of rewards is based on the total score the player and their alliance accumulates during the event.

evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - Frost Blood Castle Decor Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Frost Blood Castle Decor
There are quite a few strategies for winning barbarian battles, as well as some tricks for maximizing points for the event. This comprehensive guide to the Arctic Barbarians Invasion Event in Evony TKR is broken up into sections below:

Evony Arctic Barbarian Event Detailed Rules

The detailed rules for the Evony Barbarian event are outlined below.

The quick summary is that players can attack Arctic Barbarian castles that spawn on the world map for points. Alliances can also rally towards a win to defeat the NPC castles.

Once a Barbarian castle is defeated, occupying it will earn you points until the castle is burned down (usually 5-30min).

Players can only attack enemy castles 10 times in a given day, with reset at midnight. Players who are scouting, attacking, or occupying cannot bubble during the time, but hospital and trap factory will increase in capacity to help deal with wounded. Unlike battlefield, healing is not free, and will cost you both speed ups and resources.

At the end of the event, total scores per player and alliance are tallied, and rewards are sent out for individual score milestones as well as alliance score milestones. The top ranking players will also receive additional rewards, including the new Frost Blood castle decor.

Evony's Backstory to Arctic Barbarian Event

The tribe from the northern snowfield led by the Barbarian King tried to invade rich Kingdoms when the winter is coming. During the event time, players can defeat the Arctic Barbarians' castle on the world map for awesome rewards. Get ready to fight for the glory of the Kingdom!

Evony Arctic Barbarian Event Backstory

Evony's Arctic Barbarian Event Official Rules

The official rules listed for the Arctic Barbarian Event from Evony are below, which gives a good overview of the event:
  • During the event time, the Arctic Barbarians' castle will refresh on the world map.
  • There are barbarian troops defending the Arctic Barbarians' castle. Players can scout to view the number of defending troops. Players can gain scores by defeating the defending troops in the Arctic Barbarians' castle. The higher the level of the barbarian troops is, the higher the scores players can gain after defeating them.
  • When defeated, the Arctic Barbarians' castle will be on fire for a while and then be destroyed. Players can send troops to occupy it before the Arctic Barbarians' castle is destroyed.
  • The occupying troops in the Arctic Barbarians' castle with a certain power can earn scores. The more power gains you more scores per second, until the power reaches the limit. The occupying troop power is calculated when you send the troop march.
  • The reinforcements from Alliance members with a certain power can also earn scores.
  • The Arctic Barbarians' castle will disappear when the countdown ends. And the occupier of the castle will gain a certain scores based on the power of the castle.
  • Players can use Barbarian Arrest Warrant to receive an Arctic Barbarians Palace's Coordinates and gain some scores.
  • Players can get rewards when the Monarch Scores and Alliance Scores reach a certain scores and ranking respectively.
  • Players cannot use Truce Agreement while attacking or occupying the Arctic Barbarians' castle.
  • During the event time, the Hospital Capacity will be increased by 100000%, the Siege Machines' repairing capacity in the Trap Factory will be increased by 10000%, and the attacking troops' death-turning-wounded rate will be increased by 100%. They will be back to normal when the event ends.

Strategy for Defeating Barbarian Castles

There are a few things that Evony rules don't tell you as you seek out to defeat barbarian castles. One example is that barbarian cities, even the same level, are worth vastly different points. Some barbarian cities have type weaknesses and sub city debuffs don't count. Here are some helpful but lesser known bits we summarized for Evony's Barbarian Event:

There are 6 levels of barbarian cities

The easiest castle to defeat is level 1, and the most difficult is level 5. Level 6 is a special barbarian city that is unlocked when a player uses the Barbarian Arrest Warrant (also known as the Barbarian King Token). The level 6 palace is actually less difficult than level 5.

Same level barbarian cities are worth different points

The same level barbarian city can have very different troop compositions and be worth different amounts of points to defeat and occupy. The "total power" is an indicator, as well as the "highest power required for occupying".
evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - Castle Power and Power Required to Occupy Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Castle Power and Power Required to Occupy

Same level barbarian cities vary in difficulty and troop composition

Even if two barbarian cities are similar in power, they can still have very different difficulties. Specifically, some barbarian cities have an even distribution of archers, ground and mounted troops. Others have a weakness in a specific troop type. To minimize wounded, you will want to hit the cities which have a troop weakness.
evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - Level 5 Arctic Barbarian Scout Report Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Level 5 Arctic Barbarian Scout Report
In the sample scout report above, this level 5 barbarian city has a cavalry weakness and an excess of archers. This city is ripe for a ground centric PVP march.

Sub city debuffs doesn't count

Usually when you attack another player, your sub cities join in to help. However, in this event, your subordinate cities can not help debuff the barbarian NPC. This means the barbarian attack buffs are going to stay relatively high. Your research (de)buffs will help, on the other hand.

Rally or solo barbarian cities

You can solo attack a barbarian city, or you can rally one as an alliance. Alliance rallies on level 5 cities will drastically increase your chances to defeat it, as well as offer more points per second for occupation.
evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - Level 4 Arctic Barbarian Solo Win Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Level 4 Arctic Barbarian Solo Win

Steps to Prepare for Defeating Barbarian Castles

There is definitely some prep work to do for smoothly defeating Arctic Barbarian Castles in Evony. Here's a checklist:
  • Prepare and preset three PVP attacking marches
    Ranged, Ground and Cavalry marches
    . It's ok if you don't have a good PVP march for one of the three types, prepare and preset your best attacking march with your best general.
  • Prepare an occupying march
    This march should be higher in power than then "lowest power required for occupying" and ideally as high as "highest power required in occupying"
  • [Optional] Stock up on a few march size buffs
    A larger march can minimize your wounded as well as help with a win for higher level Barbarian castles.
  • [Optional] Stock up on some attack, HP and defense buffs
    this can help with wounded and wins for tougher NPC castles.
  • Stock up on temporary truce agreements In case you catch the attention of an enemy player while you are out of truce, you can quickly bubble.
  • Stock up on healing speeds and some resources You will need this to heal your troops after battle.
  • Stock up on teleports It's safer to teleport next to the barbarian city for a quick win and quick withdraws.
  • Preset crowns for your attacking march You will want to maximize your ranged, ground or mounted buffs when you are attacking.
  • Leave your best defense general on the wall Just in case, as you will be out of truce agreement.
  • Let your alliance know Your alliance can help you spot, scout castles as well as enemy players. You guys can also rally a high level barbarian city together. Alliance members can also reinforce the defeated barbarian castle to maximize points for the entire alliance.
  • Decide on a target A rough guide is if you are level 32 or below, aim for a level 2 or 3 arctic barbarian castle. If you are level 33+, aim for a level 3 or 4. If you are level 35+, aim for a level 4 or 5.
  • [Optional] Negotiate with other alliances for a temporary NAP This can be a much safer way to participate in the event and ensure the entire server gets the best rewards for the Arctic Barbarian event in Evony.

Steps to Defeat a Barbarian Castle

Taking the time to decide which PVP attacking march to use, and which barbarian city to attack will greatly increase your chances of winning, minimizing wounded and maximizing points.

A general rule of thumb for attacking cities (PVP):

If a barbarian city is low on mounted troops, or high in archers, attack with ground. If they are low on archers or high in ground, attack with cavalry. If they are low on ground or high in mounted, attack with archers.
  1. Search for suitable barbarian castles on the map.
    Click to see the info for that barbarian city and add that city as a bookmark. Repeat for a couple similar level cities.
  2. Scout each barbarian city.
    Teleport and scout if you want to be quicker. You can also scout with a lower level account to stay in truce if your server isn't under NAP.
  3. Decide on which barbarian you want to attack.
    Put on march size, attack, hp and defense buffs.
  4. Teleport next to the city, hit the city with your attack march.
  5. Put in your high power occupying march to occupy.
  6. [Optional] Hold the city until the countdown timer on the barbarian city is over. You can also retreat and apply a truce to be safer in a bubble or burn server.

Maximizing Evony Barbarian Invasion Points and Rewards

There are a number of factors that influence how many total points you and your alliance score in the event. Here are some helpful tips for maximizing points in the Arctic Barbarians event:

  • There are only 10 chances per player to attack a barbarian castle in a given day. The chances reset at midnight.
  • There are unlimited chances to reinforce an occupied barbarian castle.
  • Higher level barbarian castles mean more points for defeat and more points for reinforcement.
  • For the same level barbarian castle, different power also means different points for defeat and reinforcement.
  • The power of your reinforcement march influences how many points you get a second for occupation
  • Extra power over the "highest power for occupying" will not earn you extra points.
  • Having as many alliance members reinforce an occupied barbarian city at the "highest" occupying power maximizes points for the alliance.
  • Premium package (last buy package in the event, for $99), has Barbarian Arrest Warrant (Barbarian King Token). Using a token is 40 million instant points.

The Barbarian King Token / Barbarian Arrest Warrant is worth 40 million points per token. Using this token instantly gives the player 40 million points and opens a level 6 barbarian palace to defeat.

evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - barbarian king token / arrest warrant Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Barbarian King Token / Arrest Warrant

Evony Arctic Barbarian Invasion Rewards

Disclaimer: If you have lots of big spenders on your server, and players are opening Barbarian Tokens or Arrest Warrants left and right, it's going to be very difficult to rank high in your server.

For example, a high level player (33-35) who doesn't have any tokens can expect around 30-50 million points per day for attacking and rallying, and then occupying 10 level 4 or level 5 barbarian cities. This is about the same as a single Barbarian King Token.

Given this, it's still worth it to participate in the Arctic Barbarian Event for individual score rewards. For example, the first milestone reward for achieving 5 million points rewards 4000 gems, resources, treasure boxes and refining stones.

evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - Bronze Monarch Chest I Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Bronze Monarch Chest I
The second milestone reward at 40 million points doubles the gem rewards to 8000.
evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - Bronze Monarch Chest II Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Bronze Monarch Chest II

Outside of individual score milestones, ranking in the top 5 for the Arctic Barbarian Invasion event in Evony has the best rewards, hands down.

You get the Frost blood castle decor, 300,000 gems, and generous amounts of dragon source fragments, treasure boxes and tactic scrolls.

evony guide to arctic barbarian invasion event - Rank 1 Individual Rewards Evony Guide To Arctic Barbarian Invasion Event - Rank 1 Individual Rewards
However, given the amount of players who used and who could have used Barbarian King Token or Arrest Warrants, ranking in the top 5 may or may not be achievable.

One strategy for spenders would be to save their tokens towards the end of the event, if they are close to the top 5 to secure a win.