Evony Guide: Best Cultures And Using Each Effectively

Complete guide to Evony TKR cultures, including detailed analysis of each culture and when to use each culture and cultural impact from subordinate cities

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The Best Cultures in Evony TKR - When and How to Use Each Effectively

There are seven cultures in Evony TKR, each with their own cultural bonuses, such as boosting research speed or increasing mounted attack. Additional different bonsues come from your in-city subordinate city, which follows the culture of your keep.

Players often wonder which set of benefits are right for them. Although some cultures have definitively better perks than over others during long term, the best culture for any player depends on where they are in the game and what they need to accomplish.

This guide will analyze in detail the perks of each culture, give guidance on how to maximize your benefits by changing cultures and upgrading your attached subordinate city.

The seven cultures in Evony The King's Return are summarized here. Detailed analysis for each culture is linked below.

  • Europe - Great for early to mid game to help with boss rallies and for upgrading expensive buildings in late game
  • China - Good for resource production and for training a large batch of troops
  • Japan - Among the best for late game attack heavy keeps, and for bulk crafting expensive equipment
  • Korea - Great for mid to late game city growth, especially when focusing on ranged marches
  • America - Good for gold production and for researching a batch of expensive tech
  • Russia - Among the best for late game defense heavy keeps, and for bulk trap training
  • Arabia - Good for bulk offering tributes/gems, and for healing a large number of expensive troops in hospital

Evony TKR - Benefits to Changing Cultures Occasionally

Players choose one culture as the first thing they do in the game, and many players keep the same culture for months. Keeping the same culture for months as an active player in Evony is usually not a great idea.

Evony gives one free culture change at the start of the game, and additional culture changes cost 2000 gems. This makes it reasonable to occasionally change your culture.

There are two types of cultural changes: semi-permanent and temporaray. One is to semi-permanently swap your culture to another. Two is temporarily change your culture for an event or a set of actions.

One example of a semi-permanent change in culture is switching Europe to Korea in mid to late game. After an alliance or a player establishes their fast and powerful boss rally marches, the cultural bonuses from Europe become less useful. Instead, the player may chose to focus on their ranged PvP march, for which lumber production, ranged attack and gathering bonus make a nice trio.

An example of a temporary culture change is switching to Arabia to speed up healing troops in a full hospital, or to get bonus experience and prestige from bulk offering a large stack of tributes.

Another example of a temporary culture change can be switching back to Europe from Japan to speed up construction of an expensive building, such as a late game keep upgrade.

The important lesson is that cultures are fluid in Evony, and switching to maximize the goals you are trying to accomplish often will save you much more resources, speeds or even gems compared to the switching cost.

Evony TKR - In-City Subordinate City Features Often Outweigh Culture Benefits

All experienced players upgrade the rarity of their in-city subordinate city, although upgrading costs quite a few gems. For example, the upgrade from green (uncommon) to blue (excellent) costs 50,000 gems. But the upgrade from a blue to legendary (purple) costs 500,000 gems.

The benefits are often worth it. For example, let's say you spent 55,500 total gems upgrading your subordinate city from white to blue. As America, that blue subordinate city gives you a +9% research speed, much higher than China's culture bonus of only +3% research speed .

In addition, that blue in-city subordinate city is culturally fluid - meaning it has the ability to provide you the bonuses of any blue subordinate city when you switch cultures. This makes your in-city subordinate city incredibly more useful compared to other subordinate cities you own.

Most players will have at least a green in-city subordinate city; many players have a blue or purple in late game.

Don't ignore the benefits of your in-city subordinate city which follow the culture you choose. The bonuses of your in-city subordinate city often outweigh the cultural bonuses of the culture, and should be a large factor into what culture you sign up for or switch to.

evony guide to the best cultures - upgrading your attached subordinate city Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - Upgrade for in-city subordinate city

Evony TKR Culture - Europe

"When the darkness of barbarism comes, the chivalry rises from the chaos. Warriors of Europe, raise your sword and revive heroes' glory again."

Europe has the following culture and subordinate city perks or features:

  • Culture Features:
    • Bianco Romano - Stone Production +10%
    • Knighthood - Mounted Troop Attack +5%
    • Adventurer - March Speed to Monsters +5%
  • Subordinate City Features:
    • Architecture - Main City Construction Speed +3/6/9/12/15% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)
    • Hunting - General EXP from Killing Monsters +2/4/6/8/10% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)

Europe is a very popular culture to use in early to mid game. The boosts for mounted attack and march speed to monsters benefit rally starters, and the in-keep subordinate city boosts construction speed and growth of your generals through bosses or monsters.

If your alliance is starting out and you can use that extra help running boss rallies with cavalry, Europe is the culture for you.

However, very few players use Europe in late game Evony, other than to switch to Europe when there is an expensive building to upgrade.

evony guide to the best cultures - europe Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - Europe

Evony TKR Culture - China

"The Tang Dynasty wakes up in the morning bell of Chang'an. When the flames of war rise, the Chinese descendants are ready to offer their blood and loyalty to the earth."

China has the following culture and subordinate city perks or features:

  • Culture Features:
    • Wooden Ox and Gliding Horse - Troop Load +5%
    • Master Sun's Art of War - Ground Troop Attack +5%
    • Papermaking - Research Speed +3%
  • Subordinate City Features:
    • Feudal Law - Main City Resource Production Speed +4/8/12/16/20% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)
    • Recruitment Law - Training Speed +2/4/6/8/10% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)

Some very experienced players choose China in the early to mid game. This is often a specific situation - when they are part of an active large alliance who have other rally starters, and they do not want to train many troops for a while.

They choose China as a way to rush their keep. Training very minimal troops, the extra troop load helps them gather resources with less troops and increased main city production also helps them gain more resources.

Another situation where China could be helpful is when you have a ton of troops you want to train. The in-city subordinate city offers up to 10% training speed bonus, larger than 3% culture bonus from America. If you are short on training speeds, but have a ton of resources, switching to China temporarily to train many troops is worth it.

evony guide to the best cultures - china Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - China

Evony TKR Culture - Japan

"When the spring breeze blows over the fields of hometown, every grass is watered by the blood of the warriors. The brave who view life as morning dew, here is exactly your splendid world."

Japan has the following culture and subordinate city perks or features:

  • Culture Features:
    • Rice Transplanting - Food Production +10%
    • Samurai Armor - Ground Troop Defense +5%
    • Katana Forging - Crafting Speed +8%
  • Subordinate City Features:
    • Bushido - Main City Attacking Troop Attack +2/4/6/8/10% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)
    • Workshop System - Research Factory Material Production Speed +1/2/3/4/5% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)

Japan is a popular culture to use in late game Evony for PvP, usually after keep 33. This is because players tend to focus on battlefield and server war and the additional attack bonus from main city is a great fit.

In addition, another good time to switch to Japan is when you have a few pieces of expensive gear to craft. Japan is the only culture that offers a crafting speed bonus and the 8% speed boost for crafting is relatively high.

The research factory material production speed is not a great perk - running more rallies will increase the amount of materials you get much, much faster than a couple percent increase in material production from the research factory.

evony guide to the best cultures - japan Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - Japan

Evony TKR Culture - Korea

"Take the mountains as the barrier and rivers as the border. Korea warriors are born to fight, if one of them keeps the road, he will frighten a thousand people."

Korea has the following culture and subordinate city perks or features:

  • Culture Features:
    • Axe and Saw Modification - Lumber Production +10%
    • The Divine Weapon - Ranged Troop Attack +5%
    • Dongui Bogam - Healing Speed +5%
  • Subordinate City Features:
    • Storage - Main City Warehouse Capacity +6/12/18/24/30% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)
    • Gathering Benefit - Extra Resources from Gathering +3/6/9/12/15% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)

Korea is a very popular culture to use throughout the game for new players and experienced players alike. The three cultural perks are all fairly useful skills throughout the game.

Because ranged or archers is the main PvP attacking march for many players, the additional ranged troop attack and increased lumber production both help in creating a strong ranged march. The subordinate city bonus of gathering extra resources also helps with accumulating resources faster to train armies or construct buildings.

Arabia has a subordinate city bonus for healing speed that's slightly better than Korea. If you are in a situation where you need to heal alot of troops fast, Arabia is a better choice.

Many players will keep Korea as their semi-permanent culture in mid to late game, for the city growth bonuses.

evony guide to the best cultures - korea Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - Korea

Evony TKR Culture - America

"A new land of hope, a free United States of America. What you have to do is to be like a real hero, fighting for the devotion in your heart!"

America has the following culture and subordinate city perks or features:

  • Culture Features:
    • Global Trade - Gold Levy +5%
    • Modern Weapon - Seige Machine Attack +5%
    • Mercenary - Training Speed +3%
  • Subordinate City Features:
    • Monetarism - Current Subordinate City Gold Production Speed +10/20/30/40/50% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)
    • Scientific Experiment - Research Speed +3/6/9/12/15% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)

America is often used by players who want to focus on gold production and research or tech.

The research speed bonus from the American subordinate city is better than China's 3% cultural bonus. This pairs nicely with additional gold from subordinate cities and additional gold from levies.

America isn't as good as China for faster troop training, since China's subordinate city bonus provides up to 10% depending on the rarity of the in-city subordinate city.

The seige machine attack bonus is not that great, even for players focused heavily on seige. This is because both Japan and Russia have subordinate city bonuses which are slightly higher attack or defense for all troop types.

evony guide to the best cultures - america Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - America

Evony TKR Culture - Russia

"The cold of the Northern tempered the will of the soldiers, and the strong enemy kept them on guard at all times. Russian warriors, you will overcome all difficulties and conquer to the end of the continent!"

Russia has the following culture and subordinate city perks or features:

  • Culture Features:
    • Metallurgy - Ore Production +10%
    • Cossack - Mounted Troop Defense +5%
    • Trap Master - Trap Building Speed +10%
  • Subordinate City Features:
    • Patriotism - In City Troop Attack +2/4/6/8/10% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)
    • Trap Science - Trap Attack +3/6/9/12/15% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)

Russia is a popular cultural pick for a late game player heavily focused on defense. The in city troop attack is a fantastic defensive bonus, and the increased trap attack also helps defensively.

The cultural bonuses of Russia are not as consistently useful compared to other cultures for growth. The mounted bonus boosts defense is a little less useful than Europe's mounted attack boost.

The Russian trap building speed is a unique perk for building lots of traps at once, but very few players build a ton of traps every day.

evony guide to the best cultures - russia Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - Russia

Evony TKR Culture - Arabia

"The ancient land kept the heritage of wisdom, and the legendary wealth hid in the depth of the desert. The desert heroes have awakened, and they are on a journey to build an eternal glory."

Arabia has the following culture and subordinate city perks or features:

  • Culture Features:
    • Buried Treasure - Gems Gathering Speed +5%
    • Nomadism - Mounted Troop HP +5%
    • Arabian Nights - Bonus from Offering +5%
  • Subordinate City Features:
    • Divine Light - Hospital Capacity +3/6/9/12/15% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)
    • Medicine and Pharmacy - Healing Speed +2/4/6/8/10% (Common/Uncommon/Excellent/Legendary/Epic)

Arabia has a few unique perks in its cultural and subordinate city bonuses.

The most notable Arabian perk is the bonus from offering, which can greatly help a player who has a lot of tributes stored up. Offering consistently not only ensures monarch level growth, but also keeps your prestige (and rank) high.

For a player trying to reach the next monarch level, or climbing the prestige ladder, Arabia is the best choice when using bulk tributes or even offering with gems.

Another unique perk for the Arabia culture is the gems gathering speed. Not a lot of players depend on gem gathering for gems due to how slow it is, but it is one of the more consistent ways to get gems in the game.

Finally, if you have lots of troops to heal (after a few battles in Server War or PvP), switching to Arabia before healing troops can decrease the time it takes to heal your troops.

evony guide to the best cultures - arabia Evony Guide to the Best Cultures - Arabia

The Best Cultures in Evony TKR - Summary

The seven cultures in Evony The King's Return each offer 3 cultural bonuses, in addition to 2 subordinate city perks for a total of 5 bonuses when you switch cultures.

Culture switches do cost gems, but queueing up a large batch of traps to train, troops to heal, tributes to offer or tech to research can efficiently take advantage of each culture's bonuses.

Evaluate which Evony culture gives you the best set of perks for your current situation and also plan to use different cultures to their advantage in the longer term.