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Image of Nero in Evony The King's Return
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Nero - General Summary

Nero is an epic gold general in Evony The King's Return. Nero is best suited for Subordinate City Mayor given their skills and specialties.

Nero is listed in the tavern under Europe and costs 24,000,000 gold. Nero is also a required general for the art hall in Evony, as one of the generals to complete the Tyrant set.

As a debuff general for subordinate cities, Nero is one of the decent ground debuff generals, and is ranked 7th. Nero also ranks 9th for debuffing mounted. Also one of the better generals for overall debuffs, Nero is ranked 4th.

The maximum debuffs for Nero are listed below by troop type:

  • Siege
    • HP : -41%
    • Defense : -41%
  • Ground
    • HP : -41%
    • Defense : -41%
  • Ranged
    • HP : -41%
    • Defense : -41%
  • Mounted
    • HP : -41%
    • Defense : -41%

You can obtain Nero from the tavern.

As a primarily mounted general in Evony, Nero has mounted buffs of 20% in total when all specialties are maxed out.

The description of Nero as a general:

A Roman Emperor who ruled with tyranny and extravagance.

Description of Nero in Evony TKR

Nero Stats

In terms of the total of the four general attributes, leadership, attack, defense and politics, Nero is ranked 138.

At level 35 with 5 stars, Nero would have leadership at 814, attack at 797, defense at 819 and politics at 762.

At level 1 with no stars, Nero has the following stats:
  • Leadership
    Base:95 Growth:8.51
  • Attack
    Base:113 Growth:8.09
  • Defense
    Base:116 Growth:8.32
  • Politics
    Base:103 Growth:7.79
At level 35 with 5 stars, Nero has the following stats:
  • Leadership - 814
  • Attack - 797
  • Defense - 819
  • Politics - 762
A fully cultivated level 35, 5 star Nero has the following stats:
  • Leadership - 1314
  • Attack - 1297
  • Defense - 1319
  • Politics - 1262
A fully cultivated level 40, 5 star Nero has the following stats:
  • Leadership - 1420
  • Attack - 1398
  • Defense - 1423
  • Politics - 1358

Nero Skill and Specialties

Nero has the following 4 specialties and special skill:

Based on general skills and specialties, mounted is the strongest type for Nero. With all specialties maxed out, Nero would have buffs of 0% to mounted attack, 10% to mounted defense and 10% to mounted HP.

Mounted Troop Defense

Mounted Troop Defense has the following attributes:

  • Mounted Troop HP : 10%
  • Mounted Troop Defense : 10%


Sabotage has the following attributes:

  • Enemy Troop Defense : -10%


Ruler has the following attributes for subordinate city mayor:

  • Increases Troop Capacity in Subordinate City : 36%

Bloody Emperor (4th)

Bloody Emperor has the following attributes:

  • Enemy Troop HP : -16%

Bloodlust (Special Skill)

Bloodlust has the following attributes:

  • Reduces enemy troops' HP by -15% when General is leading the army.

Image of Nero in Evony The King's Return
General Nero in Evony TKR Specialties

Nero Type Buffs and Rankings

As one of the mounted generals in Evony, Nero has a total 20% mounted buffs, counting attack, defense and HP.

A table showing the buffs by type, and how each buff ranks among all generals for Nero in Evony:

Attack HP Defense
Ground ~
Mounted ~
Ranged ~
Siege ~