Junior Knight Bayard
Evony TKR (The King's Return) Guide

  • Description: A knight who guards the treasure and does not allow anyone to approach!
  • Level: 1
  • Power: 65,500,000
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Stamina Cost: 20
Image of Junior Knight Bayard Junior Knight Bayard in Evony the King's Return

Junior Knight Bayard Summary

Junior Knight Bayard is a level 1 boss in Evony TKR. Junior Knight Bayard has a power of 65,500,000 and costs 20 stamina to defeat. It is considered one of the hard event bosses.

As a difficult boss, Junior Knight Bayard is run more often on mature servers for materials, scrolls and speed ups.

Killing Junior Knight Bayard

As with all bosses, mounted troops led by a strong mounted general with mounted gear, skills and refines is your best bet to effectively take them down. Investing in mounted research and technology is also very important.

For mounted troops, 450,000 T11 with a general of your highest level wearing the best mounted gear you have should be sufficient to kill, although wounded will depend on how high your tech, research and debuffs are into mounted buffs. For a less or zero wounded march, 300,000 T12 led by the best mounted general is safer.

Junior Knight Bayard Rewards

Most bosses when killed will consistently grant monarch experience, general experience, prestige, alliance honor and alliance points. Junior Knight Bayard also potentially drops 6 additional rewards upon being killed:

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