Evony TKR (The King's Return) Guide

  • Description: The strong Behemoth is always happy to accept any challenge.
  • Level: 14
  • Power: 187,700,000
  • Difficulty: Extremely Hard
  • Stamina Cost: 40
Image of Behemoth Behemoth in Evony the King's Return
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Behemoth Summary

Behemoth is a level 14 boss in Evony TKR. Behemoth has a power of 187,700,000 and costs 40 stamina to defeat. It is considered one of the extremely hard bosses.

Killing Behemoth

As with all bosses, mounted troops led by a strong mounted general with mounted gear, skills and refines is your best bet to effectively take them down. Investing in mounted research and technology is also very important.

Monster or boss debuffs, especially defense debuff can help with the harder bosses, especially the B14+ and new bosses. Bosses level 15 and higher will benefit from an alliance rally, where the strongest tier 14 mounted troops led by each member's strongest mounted generals.

For mounted troops, 1,600,000 T14 with a general of your highest level wearing the best mounted gear you have should be sufficient to kill, although wounded will depend on how high your tech, research and debuffs are into mounted buffs.

Being an end game boss, Behemoth is extremely difficult. Alliances will rally this boss as a team, with multiple higher level players contributing their mounted marches.

Behemoth Rewards

Most bosses when killed will consistently grant monarch experience, general experience, prestige, alliance honor and alliance points. Behemoth also potentially drops 6 additional rewards upon being killed:

Killing a Behemoth also sends you and each member of your alliance a Senior Alliance Boss Package, which has a chance to drop of the following items:

Behemoth - Gold, Resources, and Speeds by Stamina

Some bosses are worth more per stamina than others. Below is a total of resources (ore, stone, lumber and food), gold, and speed ups you are guaranteed by killing a Behemoth:

Type Total (item/min) Per Stamina
Gold 300,000 7,500
Stone 700,000 17,500
Ore 700,000 17,500
Food 700,000 17,500
Lumber 700,000 17,500
Speed Up (General) 900 23
Total Resources 2,800,000 70,000

Check out a detailed comparison of resources and speeds dropped from all Evony bosses.

Behemoth Related Bosses

  • (Boss) Fafnir - (Level 13)
    A greedy dragon that kills all he sees.
  • (Boss) Phoenix - (Level 15)
    A long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates.